Weekly Journal 153 - Open Source, Books, Blog, Logseq

Post-Open Source

Bruce Perens is looking at how Free Software/Open Source should evolve to meet the needs and challenges of today. I’m interested to see if he can figure out how to balance the needs of developers to make money from their work while simultaneously protecting end users freedoms. As one of the founders of the Open Source Initiative, I think he is well positioned to do something interesting in this space.

Paper Books vs. eBooks

For several years I switched almost exclusively to reading eBooks, but the last year I’ve been switching back to paper books. I really want to like eBooks, but there isn’t a good reading experience outside of the DRM and personal data collection of platforms like Amazon Kindle. I’m not about to buy into that garbage ecosystem, so my next best option is paper books. Hopefully we’ll see a good, open eBook reading experience hit the market in the future.

Blog Updates

I’ve been playing around with a new blogging platform “for hackers” called Pico Prose. I really like the tool, and if I were starting a new blog it would be a no-brainer for me to use it. Unfortunately it would break all my existing URLs, including the link to my ATOM feed, so it’s a no-go. For now I will continue working on migrating this blog to Hugo.

If you are interested in starting a small blog and are familiar with tools like SSH and rsync, I think it makes for a wonderful experience.


Sigh. I have been making decent progress with using Logseq as my tool of choice for digital notes. However, earlier today I discovered the Omnivore integration is mysteriously broken again. This is really beginning to sour my opinion of Logseq and it’s plugins. I don’t feel I can trust my notes to a tool that is consistently broken like this.

Logseq is still fairly new at version 0.10.5, and I don’t want to make a knee-jerk move to another tool, so I’m going to wait a bit and see if the issue gets fixed. Hopefully this will stop happening as frequently as both tools continue to mature.