Weekly Journal 154 - Logseq, Omnivore

Logseq and Omnivore

I was able to figure out why my Logseq integration with Omnivore broke again late last week. Once again the culprit is Omnivore API, more specifically the format of the query used by the Logseq plugin to import my highlights and notes from Omnivore. This time around the query engine has decided that tag values have to be quoted, and if they aren’t it returns an empty set. It also looks like the logical AND I’ve been using may be optional. The last time this happened the query engine changed to accept AND but not and. Now it appears that I could send the query as in:archive label:"logseq-imprt" instead of in:archive AND lable:"logseq-import.

Next time the plugin import suddenly stops working I’ll be sure to check for query changes first.

More Logseq

Logseq allows you to link to pages and even individual blocks. The page links are easy enough to work with, but the block links have a side effect that I don’t like. Inside of Logseq the block links are a seamless experience, but in the Markdown file, all you will see is a UUID similar to {a8524411-8193-4010-8f77-4fe19f4c16b9}. So far I haven’t been able to determine where those identifiers are kept within Logseq’s data. Sometimes I like to use other tools outside of Logseq to work with notes. Using inscrutable identifiers like this makes it difficult to do so. My solution is easy enough, I just won’t use block links in my notes. I’ll use page links or tags instead to link notes and ideas together.

I’m still experimenting some with how I take notes in Logseq. I keep my daily journal in a paper notebook, so the digital journal in Logseq isn’t all that useful to me. I’ve been experimenting with using it as a landing place for new ideas that I haven’t figured out how to tag/categorize yet. I’m trying to be more intentional about taking my fleeting notes, or notes I jot down while reading or watching something, and converting them into permanent notes by summarizing and organizing them in my own words. While it’s more work, so far it seems to be leading me towards a better organized digital notebook.