Weekly Journal 166 - Hugo, Nix

Hugo + Nix

I’m finally going to begin the migration of this blog from Hexo to Hugo. I’ve had this on my list for several months now and I’m finally ready to make it happen. Setting up Hugo is fairly straight-forward, the difficult part will be when I migrate the existing blog posts. My plan is to write a small Python script that will take each blog post, update the front matter to conform to Hugo, and then move it into the Hugo directory structure.

Once I get get Hugo up and running, I want to create a Nix shell configuration for Hugo and my blog. The idea will be to install Hugo and any other tools I need into a Nix shell environment. The longer term plan is create Nix shell environments for all of my projects to avoid some of the odd problems I’ve seen with different projects needing different versions of tools and libraries. Having separate per-project environments should keep everything contained and make it easier to manage.