Weekly Journal 167 - Linux, Hashicorp, Bullet Journal

New Linux Distribution Releases

This past week both Fedora 40 and Ubuntu 24.04 LTS were released. Time to download some ISOs and fire up a VM or two to try them out.

IBM to Acquire Hashicorp

So it looks like IBM is going to buy Hashicorp. I’m curious if they are planning to add this to the IBM Cloud portfolio, or put it under the Red Hat umbrella. If IBM wanted to get easy community good will, they could undo the licensing change (aka the rug pull) Hashicorp made and release the code under the MPL again. While a bit of a long shot, I don’t think it’s impossible in light of IBM being a primary collaborator on the OpenBao fork of Hashicorp Vault.

Bullet Journal with Loose Paper

I made a goof in my latest physical journal, and ran out of pages midway through April. I really hate the idea of splitting a month across notebooks, so I’m finishing the month out using loose paper. At the end of the month I’ll stick them into the journal for archiving. What I find interesting is that I really like the idea of using loose paper like this. I’m using graph paper, but I could easily purchase or print out dotted grid pages instead.

I also own and use an Everbook, which is a fancy leather folder with an elastic strap that is perfect for managing loose pages like this. This is a serendipitous event due to my frustration with finding a source of nice dotted grid journals at a reasonable price. Prior to 2020 pandemic, I was using Moleskine journals that I was getting for ~$7 each. After the pandemic the price shot up to ~$25 a journal. That’s outrageous, and way more than I’m willing to spend on a notebook. Similarly, an official Bullet Journal notebook costs ~$25. While it comes with custom templates and some extra bits related to the Bullet Journal Method, I’m really not in the market to spend $100/year on notebooks.

I’ve been using a couple of nice knockoff Moleskine notebooks I found on Amazon, but now those are out of stock and I can’t order more of them. I have two empty notebooks left, and after I use them I will likely switch to loose paper.