Gentoo Is Out

Over the past few months, I have noticed a steady decline in the overall
quality of the Gentoo Linux distribution. (See here for some of
my past issues.) Currently, I am unable to burn CD’s, nor can I print
PDF documents. There was a time when problems like this were a fun
challenge, but now I expect most things to just work.

So I am ready for a change. At this point my top two contenders are
Fedora Core and Ubuntu. I have been running Fedora Core on my
aging Thinkpad T22 for some time now, and I think it has matured into a
really solid distribution. Prior to Gentoo, Debian was my distro of
choice. Since Ubuntu effectively corrects the problem I had with Debian,
(the glacial release cycle) I might consider switching to that instead.

I will have to install both, put them to the test and see which one I
like best. :-)