Weekly Journal 108 - Dendron, Markdown Notes


I think I’ve finally figured out why I struggle to use Dendron. It’s the user interface. It’s the way Dendron subverts the “standard” editor workflow that I dislike. Instead of working with files using the normal VS Code functions, everything happens through custom command palette actions.

This means I can’t leverage my existing VS Code knowledge. I have to learn a whole new set of commands and shortcuts in order to get anything done. In many cases I can’t use the shortcuts because they conflict with the Vim extension.

Markdown Notes

I tripped over another VS Code extension that is a promising alternative to Dendron called Markdown Notes. It includes support for wiki links, which is the primary feature I am looking for. If I combine it with a few other extensions like Markdown All in One and Markdown Links, I think I can put together a nice set of tools for managing my notes. Since it doesn’t require learning new commands to replace standard functionality, I should be able to use any editor with my notes without the fear of messing something up.