Weekly Journal 140 - Hugo


This week I spent some time learning how Hugo’s routing works. Part of this was due to struggling to figure out why my test posts weren’t rendering with some themes. Turns out I forgot to add the -D flag to render draft posts, and all my test posts were marked draft = true. Now I have a good understanding of how the routing works and what I need to do to migrate my existing blog posts without changing the links. I’ve also picked out a theme that I think will look nice for both my blog journal and the new digital garden entries. It’s the Nightfall theme in the Hugo theme gallery, in case anybody is interested.

I’ve encountered one limitation so far. I don’t know of a way to have Hugo automatically generate backlinks to files. I’ll have to generate and manage those manually. It shouldn’t be too much trouble initially to keep up with, and I’ll continue looking for some way to do this automatically.